Commercial & Residential Construction in Hawaii

Founded in 1983, BEK, Inc. is a commercial and residential construction contractor specializing in drywall and acoustical ceiling installation.  The company is owned and operated by Todd Middleton and Joseph Hubbard, who are all active in the day to day operations of the company.



Updated 03/09/2016

 Current Projects In Progress:

  • Ewa Expansion @ AMC
  • Kapiolani Hospital
  • HPU 2nd Floor @ Aloha Tower
  • Luxury Court @ AMC
  • Lanikea Tower Renovation
  • AMC Area B & C
  • HPU 1st Floor @ Aloha Tower
  • IBM 6th Floor Renovation
  • Waiea Tower
  • Ben Bridge @ AMC


Upcoming Projects:

  • Rainbow Village Sign
  • Auto Skills Center
  • Wheeler Bowling Alley
  • KOR Lot 3 Maui
  • Waterfront Restroom B